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CETCO is the construction technologies subsidiary of Minerals Technologies Inc., one of the world’s largest minerals companies with nearly two billion dollars in annual revenue. At CETCO, we help owners, engineers, and contractors succeed through our knowledge and experience in minerals, polymers, and the construction industry.


CETCO develops and manufactures geosynthetic clay liners and remediation technologies that exceed the industry standards. With the desire to educate as well as innovate, the CETCO team works globally, partnering with industry professionals to provide insight on the latest industry trends. Our goal is to provide solutions to unique challenges.


An example of this commitment to new product development is our latest innovation, FLUORO-SORB® adsorbent – a proprietary,

NSF-certified adsorption media used for the removal and remediation of PFAS. It can be used in a variety of deployment strategies

and is a more effective and economical solution to tackle this emerging contaminant.

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